Trivial Warfare - A Pub Quiz Style Trivia Game

The Trivial Warfare Podcast takes the pub quiz out of the club and brings it home to you. Remember, it's not just trivia...It's WAR! Join the Trivial Warfare Army at
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Trivial Warfare - A Pub Quiz Style Trivia Game




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Jan 24, 2016
In this week's episode Jonathan takes on both Chris and Daniel in a handicap match. We'll see if he can maintain his composure with the odds stacked against him. Carmela hosts and really brings the pain with a very challenging set of questions. Enjoy!
Jan 17, 2016
Really excited about this week's show. We've done theme shows before. This week we're riding the pop culture train again and doing an ALL MOVIES SHOW! This is the first episode we recorded after watching the Force Awakens so the first 10 minutes or so is dedicated to our review of the movie. Frankly, we go a little against the mainstream. After that we bring the TRIVIA! Chris goes head to head against Daniel. Chris knows more pop culture than anyone I know while Daniel specializes in movies, being a moviephile and someone who has spent countless hours working in the old blockbuster chains. We also announce the first ever Trivial Warfare Listener Tournament. Be sure to check out the show over at or our facebook group over at Who has what it takes to win the day? There's only one way to find out.
Jan 10, 2016
This week is an episode focused exclusively on American History. Why? Because 'Murica! Uncle Chip, our resident history expert is hosting and Carmela joins Chris and Jonathan in the contestant chairs as a solo player for the first time. Out of the three of us there was one person who significantly underperformed their expectations. Want to know who? You'll have to listen!
Jan 3, 2016
Jonathan has vowed revenge after last week's defeat at the hands of Carmela and Chris. This week Jonathan is joined by Marc (who is participating as a contestant for the first time) to take on Chris and his Uncle Chip.  Carmela asks the questions in this grudge match. NOTE: If you are a parent listening with young kids you may want to skip the intro where we talk about Santa Claus.
Dec 28, 2015
We've got a huge crew together for this show. Mark is back in the host chair while Chris and Jonathan see if they have what it takes to lead their teams to victory. Chris is partnered with the lovely and talented Carmela while Jonathan pairs up with Uncle Chip for an epic throwdown. Which teams has what it takes to bring home the win? Only one way to find out!
Dec 20, 2015
We're back after our two week break. We'll be revealing the answer to last week's trivia puzzle and walking through how to find it. In addition, friend of the show Nick Seuberling is on the show as a guest competitor. Nick barely lost to Jonathan in episode TW33: A Midnight Summer's Dream and has been angling for a rematch. Does Nick have what it takes to put the champ on his back? Listen and find out. Chris hosts as these two trivia heavyweights go head to head
Dec 13, 2015
Hey guys, We're still officially on break this week but I've created this puzzle episode for you to play with before we return with a new episode next week. Can you figure out what I'm looking for based on 5 audio clips, 2 numbers and 1 two word question? The first three people to send in a right answer to will get their names announced as the winner on next weeks show. Only one answer submission will be accepted. Good Luck! Jonathan
Nov 29, 2015
Some of the funniest and wierdest moments when we've recorded our episodes have had to be edited out of the show for one reason or another. Sometimes they needed to be cut for time, sometimes it was becuase it was a little too vulgar for the normal show and sometimes it was because the segment was just too wierd. This is a compilation of those outtakes curated for you in short bursts. Enjoy!
Nov 22, 2015
It was a sad day in the Oakes household after episode 41. Chris took Jonathan down for the first time since July. Can he win again and start a streak of his own or will Jonathan put a stop to this and start a new streak of his own. Find out in todays' show. Carmela hosts and challenges the guys with questions about things like dwarf planets and the world cup. Also, take a guess at what movie Carmela hasn't seen in way too long!
Nov 15, 2015
Jonathan's been on an unprecedented winning streak, winning every show he's played for over two months. Is this the week that Chris can break the streak. Also, find out what question made Jonathan so mad that he had to walk away from the microphone to cool off. Enjoy this and more on this week's episode of Trivial Warfare!
Nov 8, 2015
This week is a fun week. We share outtakes that have been collected from the first 40 episodes. Hope you guys get a couple of laughs. We certainly did!
Nov 1, 2015
Things are getting bad for Mr. Hollister. Jonathan hasn't lost a game in months. Is this the week Chris puts it all together or is going to be another win for Jonathan? There's only one way to find out. Join us as Mark hosts!
Oct 25, 2015
Daniel hosts this weeks Halloween episode and created all of the questions himself. Chris and Jonathan expected some spooky content, maybe a few sweet questions and a little bit of trick or treat. However, the trick was on us as Daniel turned the difficulty all the way up to 11. In this week's show all of the questions will have a connection to Halloween. We have questions about the holiday itself as well as questions about candy, costumes and plenty of scary movies. Turn out the lights, get your popcorn out and settle in for this spine chilling edition of Trivial Warfare.  
Oct 18, 2015
Daniel is back in the hosts chair and he brings some staggeringly hard questions to start the show, but Jonathan and Chris eventually settle in and get on track. Don't miss the moment that Jonathan puts hit cat on the line in a wager over who is right. Enjoy! JO
Oct 11, 2015
Chris, Ben and Jonathan are back together for another show. Play along with the boys as they try to identify "world capitals" in the Warm it up Chris segment. Determine whether or not you think something is wrong with the boys as they continue to miss 3.2.1. questions after breaking the seal last week. Also, find out if Chris can finally beat Jonathan and end his winning streak! Enjoy!
Oct 4, 2015
In this week's episode Ben is back in the host's chair pitting Jonathan and Chris head to head against each other. Today's episode is just as awesome as ever but near the end of the show we had our first accusation of possible cheating! I know, can you believe it? Who did the cheating? Was it really cheating or just a joke? Did they get caught?! There's only one way to find out. Join us for this episode of Trivial Warfare where it's not just trivia, It's WAR!
Sep 30, 2015
This is a special episode for release on International Podcast Day. This isn't a normal trivia episode. Instead Chris and I took some time to talk about the show in more detail than you've ever heard before. We talk about our false starts. We talk about why and how parts of the show came about and we also talk about what its been like since we got things started. Its just a nice long form conversation about where we've been, where we are, and where we're going. I hope you enjoy. Thanks, Jonathan
Sep 27, 2015
I'm really honored to welcome my guests Jon Harrison and Chris Kohler to the show this week. I met Jon at Podcast Movement 2015. His field of expertise is easy to appreciate for game lovers. His book and his talks are focused on how the things that you learned while playing video games is the same stuff that you need to know to succeed in life and in business. You can find his podcast called Classically Trained at and you can check out his book Mastering the Game at I’ve never met Chris in person but I feel like I know him very well. He’s one of the gang over at This is one of my favorite podcasts and was actually the show that inspired me to start Trivial Warfare. He’s also part of the crew over at and is the host of their Game|Life Podcast which you can find here You can find his book Power Up here - The two of them have forgotten more video game trivia than I’ve ever known. When I saw the opportunity to have them go head to head in a Trivial Warfare Video Game showdown episode I jumped at the opportunity. Both guys were class acts and did a great job. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Sep 20, 2015
Chris is back in the house! It was great to get him going on today's show. We had a great time recording this weeks show together and it comes through in the recording. It helps that we had Carmela back in the house as well. The hostess with the mostest was on fire this week. This is one of our snarkier shows which added to the humor. There were a ton of outtakes to choose from for the end of the show, be sure to listen to the end to hear the one I picked. In today's show we kick those nasty thoughts and explore what happens when you call 1-900-MixALot as well as 867-5309. We explore the world of Quentin Tarantino and try and guess at his favorite fictional cigarettes and find out what Billy Ripken had written on his bat that got his baseball card recalled.  
Sep 13, 2015
Hey Warheads! Marc is back for another week in the hosting chair and we have a special guest contestant Nick Seuberling from Inside the Jungle and Podcaster's Group Therapy. Nick brought his A+ game to the show, but was it enough to beat Jonathan in a head to head match? Only one way to find out! Today's show features questions about Children's games, NHL Hockey, Marzipan (seriously, Marzipan), and The Wa-Wa-Wa-Wa-Waterboy. Thanks for listening! JO
Sep 6, 2015

Joel Sharpton from the Always Listening: Podcast Reviews podcast is a guest contestant this week filling in for Chris while he recovered from his wedding and honeymoon. We didn't take it easy on Joel and he did a great job

We're also happy to welcome Marc back into the hosts chair! Summer proved to be a difficult time for Marc to make it in to the recording sessions and we're thrilled that he's back in the host rotation.

Make sure to listen for Marc and Joel falling on their faces in the Warm it up Chris segment and also for the love shared for bad early 80's bands and bad movies.

Make sure you listen to the end of the show this week as we make a major announcement about the show moving forward!

Thanks - JO

Aug 30, 2015

When I was in Fort Worth for Podcast Movement 2015 I created something that I called the Trivial Warfare Challenge. The challenge is a simple 5 question test of your trivia knowledge. It was very successful with over 25 different podcasters taking the challenge. Some of them were nervous, some were hesitatant but everyone did a great job.

We also included a little bit about each person's show. I encourage you to pick the people that you think sound cool and check out their shows. There are some amazing picks to choose from here!

Here's the list of Podcasters who participated:

  • Ramona Rice - The Sports Gal Pal
  • Steve Trister - The Spirit Warrior
  • Tyson Hollis
  • Scot Singpiel - The Scope Health Services Radio Podcasts
  • Dinah from the Immigration Diaries
  • Julie Ruth - Los Alamos National Labratory New Mexico
  • Maximus Groves - Comcastro
  • Claire Tanner - The Filmback Podcast
  • Jennifer Crawford & Thor - The Jellyvision Podcast
  • Tony Woodall - The Goal Getting Podcast
  • Mark Asquith - Excellence Expected and The DC Universe Podcast
  • Matthew Lovell -
  • New Seuberling - Inside the Jungle
  • Meron Baraket - Inspiring Innovation
  • Pat Flynn - Smart Passive Income & Ask Pat
  • Dave Jackson - The School of Podcasting
  • Jon Harrison - Classically Trained
  • John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneur On Fire
  • Joel Sharpton - Always Listening & What Makes Me Wierd
  • Bryan Orr - Mantastic Voyage
  • Zack Kulzer - The Brookings Cafeteria
  • Dax Stokes - The Vampire Historian
  • JD & Josh - NthCast
  • Ellory & Ashley Wells - Occassionally Explicit & The Empowered Podcast
  • Joe Saul-Sehy - Stacking Benjamins
  • Colin Gray - The Podcraft Podcast
Aug 23, 2015

Hey Warheads! Thanks for checking out episode 30. You're in for a fun ride with this one. I'm joined by Nick Seuberling, Ramona Rice, Jay Soderberg and Corey Fineran for an All-Sports Showdown. These are 4 of the best sports podcasters in the business throwing down in a little 2 on 2 action this week on Trivial Warfare.

Don't worry if you don't know a lot about sports, I think you'll find yourself laughing and relating to the teams very quickly as you listen to the show. Let me know what you think by shooting me an email at Thanks! - JO

Aug 16, 2015

We're going old school on episode 29 of Trivial Warfare! That's right, it's a head to head match, mano y mano between Chris and Jonathan. No host, no gimmicks, just gold old fashioned trivia and let the best man win!

Be sure to check out our website over at to sign up to be a Warhead and to check out the full show notes. Enjoy!

Aug 9, 2015

We're back with another huge crossover episode. This time we're letting our inner nerds out to play and doing an episode focused exclusively on comic books, writers, artists and movies. In order to do it right we've partnered with our friends Mark and Lev from the DC Universe Podcast. You can check them out at

One of the funnest parts of reading comics is discussing them with your friends. So we invited a few others over and ended up with a 3 team brawl featuring our friends John and Daniel along with my brother Bob to round things out.

I hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think at Remember, if you love comics like we do this is the episode to share with your friends!

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