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The Trivial Warfare Podcast takes the pub quiz out of the club and brings it home to you. Remember, it's not just trivia...It's WAR! Join the Trivial Warfare Army at
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Trivial Warfare - A Pub Quiz Style Trivia Game




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Sep 27, 2015
I'm really honored to welcome my guests Jon Harrison and Chris Kohler to the show this week. I met Jon at Podcast Movement 2015. His field of expertise is easy to appreciate for game lovers. His book and his talks are focused on how the things that you learned while playing video games is the same stuff that you need to know to succeed in life and in business. You can find his podcast called Classically Trained at and you can check out his book Mastering the Game at I’ve never met Chris in person but I feel like I know him very well. He’s one of the gang over at This is one of my favorite podcasts and was actually the show that inspired me to start Trivial Warfare. He’s also part of the crew over at and is the host of their Game|Life Podcast which you can find here You can find his book Power Up here - The two of them have forgotten more video game trivia than I’ve ever known. When I saw the opportunity to have them go head to head in a Trivial Warfare Video Game showdown episode I jumped at the opportunity. Both guys were class acts and did a great job. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Sep 20, 2015
Chris is back in the house! It was great to get him going on today's show. We had a great time recording this weeks show together and it comes through in the recording. It helps that we had Carmela back in the house as well. The hostess with the mostest was on fire this week. This is one of our snarkier shows which added to the humor. There were a ton of outtakes to choose from for the end of the show, be sure to listen to the end to hear the one I picked. In today's show we kick those nasty thoughts and explore what happens when you call 1-900-MixALot as well as 867-5309. We explore the world of Quentin Tarantino and try and guess at his favorite fictional cigarettes and find out what Billy Ripken had written on his bat that got his baseball card recalled.  
Sep 13, 2015
Hey Warheads! Marc is back for another week in the hosting chair and we have a special guest contestant Nick Seuberling from Inside the Jungle and Podcaster's Group Therapy. Nick brought his A+ game to the show, but was it enough to beat Jonathan in a head to head match? Only one way to find out! Today's show features questions about Children's games, NHL Hockey, Marzipan (seriously, Marzipan), and The Wa-Wa-Wa-Wa-Waterboy. Thanks for listening! JO
Sep 6, 2015

Joel Sharpton from the Always Listening: Podcast Reviews podcast is a guest contestant this week filling in for Chris while he recovered from his wedding and honeymoon. We didn't take it easy on Joel and he did a great job

We're also happy to welcome Marc back into the hosts chair! Summer proved to be a difficult time for Marc to make it in to the recording sessions and we're thrilled that he's back in the host rotation.

Make sure to listen for Marc and Joel falling on their faces in the Warm it up Chris segment and also for the love shared for bad early 80's bands and bad movies.

Make sure you listen to the end of the show this week as we make a major announcement about the show moving forward!

Thanks - JO

Aug 30, 2015

When I was in Fort Worth for Podcast Movement 2015 I created something that I called the Trivial Warfare Challenge. The challenge is a simple 5 question test of your trivia knowledge. It was very successful with over 25 different podcasters taking the challenge. Some of them were nervous, some were hesitatant but everyone did a great job.

We also included a little bit about each person's show. I encourage you to pick the people that you think sound cool and check out their shows. There are some amazing picks to choose from here!

Here's the list of Podcasters who participated:

  • Ramona Rice - The Sports Gal Pal
  • Steve Trister - The Spirit Warrior
  • Tyson Hollis
  • Scot Singpiel - The Scope Health Services Radio Podcasts
  • Dinah from the Immigration Diaries
  • Julie Ruth - Los Alamos National Labratory New Mexico
  • Maximus Groves - Comcastro
  • Claire Tanner - The Filmback Podcast
  • Jennifer Crawford & Thor - The Jellyvision Podcast
  • Tony Woodall - The Goal Getting Podcast
  • Mark Asquith - Excellence Expected and The DC Universe Podcast
  • Matthew Lovell -
  • New Seuberling - Inside the Jungle
  • Meron Baraket - Inspiring Innovation
  • Pat Flynn - Smart Passive Income & Ask Pat
  • Dave Jackson - The School of Podcasting
  • Jon Harrison - Classically Trained
  • John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneur On Fire
  • Joel Sharpton - Always Listening & What Makes Me Wierd
  • Bryan Orr - Mantastic Voyage
  • Zack Kulzer - The Brookings Cafeteria
  • Dax Stokes - The Vampire Historian
  • JD & Josh - NthCast
  • Ellory & Ashley Wells - Occassionally Explicit & The Empowered Podcast
  • Joe Saul-Sehy - Stacking Benjamins
  • Colin Gray - The Podcraft Podcast
Aug 23, 2015

Hey Warheads! Thanks for checking out episode 30. You're in for a fun ride with this one. I'm joined by Nick Seuberling, Ramona Rice, Jay Soderberg and Corey Fineran for an All-Sports Showdown. These are 4 of the best sports podcasters in the business throwing down in a little 2 on 2 action this week on Trivial Warfare.

Don't worry if you don't know a lot about sports, I think you'll find yourself laughing and relating to the teams very quickly as you listen to the show. Let me know what you think by shooting me an email at Thanks! - JO

Aug 16, 2015

We're going old school on episode 29 of Trivial Warfare! That's right, it's a head to head match, mano y mano between Chris and Jonathan. No host, no gimmicks, just gold old fashioned trivia and let the best man win!

Be sure to check out our website over at to sign up to be a Warhead and to check out the full show notes. Enjoy!

Aug 9, 2015

We're back with another huge crossover episode. This time we're letting our inner nerds out to play and doing an episode focused exclusively on comic books, writers, artists and movies. In order to do it right we've partnered with our friends Mark and Lev from the DC Universe Podcast. You can check them out at

One of the funnest parts of reading comics is discussing them with your friends. So we invited a few others over and ended up with a 3 team brawl featuring our friends John and Daniel along with my brother Bob to round things out.

I hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think at Remember, if you love comics like we do this is the episode to share with your friends!

Aug 4, 2015

Let's start with this - Episode 27 is awesome. We have our friend Daniel hosting for the first time and I think you'll appreciate his sense of humor and dry wit, I know I did.

Unfortunately this is not the All-Comics episode that we promised last week. We had a miscommunication and so that's going to have to be delayed for a week. In the meantime this is a classic head to head between me and Chris. The only thing better than the trivia is the laughs.



Jul 29, 2015

This episode is not our normal game show. This is a special episode focusing on the event Black Tie for Eli that we are sponsoring here at Trivial Warfare. Eli was 4 year old little boy who was fighting valiantly against the illnesses that were threatening his life.

Eli passed away last week, roughly a week after I recorded this interview with his father. My original intention was to cut this interview into poignant moments that could be used to build drama and include them in our upcoming shows to motivate people to help the family out.

When Eli passed away it broke my heart. I was no longer comfortable going about it in that manner. Still, I think this is a powerful interview and I hope that people will listen to it and decide to try and help the family out in their time of grief.

If you're interested in donating you can do so at the website

Thanks - Jonathan

Jul 26, 2015

Thanks for checking out episode 26 - Making It Rain! This weeks episode pits Jonathan against Chris with Ben hosting. As Chris so disgustingly put it, we're going to drip knowledge all over you.

We get started this week with a couple of listener questions and then feature Wierd Al Yankovic in our Warm It Up Chris segment.  The questions this week come from the Trivial Pursuit Ultimate Question and Answer book.

So sit back, put your thinking cap on and enjoy the game.

Jul 19, 2015

Thanks for checking out episode 25! Ben is hosting once again and keeping us on our toes. We had a ton of fun recording today's episode and I think it comes through wonderfully. You can check out the show notes at to go even deeper into our silliness.

In today's episode Chris starts us off by throwing Rotten Tomatoes at us. Then we explore the land of steady habits and the sound of music before visiting Belgium and and watching the Cosby Show.

In the middle of todays episode you'll hear about our sponsorship of Black Tie for Eli, an event coming up that I feel passionate about. You can check out their website at to find out more.

Enjoy the show!



Jul 12, 2015

Thanks for joining us for another episode of Trivial Warfare! Please don't worry that we might quit, it turns out that we're actually too legit and as a result we can't.

Ben is back with us for another show bringing his own distinct Barry White flair to the show. This week Chris and I were challenged by what felt like a particularly tough set of questions. We got schooled about instant replay, learned about Stanley Burrell and explored the acronyms TPP and EGOT.

We hope you enjoy the show as much as we enjoy making it. Don't forget to visit the show notes over at!

Jul 5, 2015

Thanks for joining us for another episode of Trivial Warfare! This week we welcome our friend Ben to the show. He steps in to host and does a great job while managing to sound like Barry White. This week we learn Ponce de Leon's first name, get a blast from the past with a question about WKRP and get a double dose of Shakespeare.

Be sure to step by for this week's show notes. You'll find classic clips from Ally McBeal and Friday along with fun scenes from the Simpsons and Major league. While you're there you can get our new Android App and sign up to be a Warhead!

Thanks as always,


Jun 28, 2015

Welcome back to Trivial Warfare! We're going old school with Episode 22 and getting back to basics with a simple head to head matchup. Chris and I had a great time recording this episode and you'll find some fun surprises from Warner Bros and Monty Python in this week's show.

Be sure to head over to to check out the show notes and become a Warhead by clicking on the Join the TW Army link.

Thanks for listening!

Jun 21, 2015

Welcome back to Trivial Warfare! Thanks for joining us for our first all-sports episode. Today features special guest host Ramona Rice of Sports Gal Pal Fame. This is actually our first themed episode of any sort. We hope you love it. For those of you who may not be into sports, never fear, you'll probably still feel superior to Jonathan as he misses question after question.

As with any sports trivia game you can expect the usual questions about Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Football, Olympics, etc. But only on Trivial Warfare do you get a sprinkling of history and movies with your sports questions. We didn't manage to work any science into this episode. That will be something we have to shoot for next time.
Enjoy the show and then head over to the Sports Gal Pal show and check it out too!


Jun 14, 2015

Thanks for joining us for another episode of Trivial Warfare. Chris is back in his rightful chair and anxious to put me in my place after I won the two handicap matches we held while he was away.

Carmela is in the host's chair again and challenged us with some really tough questions to start the game. Don't Panic though, it will be ok in the end!

I hope you enjoy the show!

Jun 7, 2015

Thanks for checking out Episode 19 of Trivial Warfare! Chris won't be with us this week but we have some awesome replacements. This is the second episode featuring the team of Chip, Carmela and Kel. These guys did a great job picking up the slack and I think the fun we had recording the show comes through in the results. We think you'll enjoy this crazy episode featuring Deep Throat, the Stink Palm and Jane's Addiction.

Be sure to check out the show notes at to go a little bit deeper and see the handpicked pictures and videos that are related to this week's show.

Thanks for Listening!

May 31, 2015

This is one of the two episodes that we had to record without Chris because he was off gallivanting around the country. To try and replace him we brought in three friends - Carmela, Chip and Kellum. I decided to set it up as a handicap match becasue that feels just about right in terms of trying to replace someone like Chris. Oddly enough, this was actually the second episode we recorded. You'll hear the first next week as episode 19.

In this episode we learn about the Mothman, get a lesson on birthstones and hear about Marc's struggle living the Brony life. Sith back and enjoy, then head over to iTunes and share a quick blurb about how much you love us :-)

Thanks for listening!


May 25, 2015

This week we introduce our friend Carmela on the show. She's stepping in to do some guest hosting for us and at the same time to "bring a little class to the joint," as Chris would say. Speaking of Chris, be sure to listen for his epic meltdown near the end of the show. It's a thing of beauty.

Don't forget to head over to and sign up for the Trivial Warfare Army to get in on the show news for insiders. This week's show notes will be a little late but they should be up by mid-week. Don't fret, I'm working on them. I just didn't get a chance to get them done early this week with my Canadian excursion.

Thanks for listening!


May 17, 2015

Thanks for checking out Episode 16! We've been doing the show for about 4 months now and like a fine wine we're getting better with age. After listening to today's show be sure to chime in with your opinion about the Great Animal House Debate of 2015. You can also try to figure out Chris' obsession with my rear end and relive a painful scene from the move that prompted this week's title.

Be sure to head over to to check out this week's show notes and sign up for the TWA. The first newsletter went out this week and if you really like the show you aren't going to want to miss out.

Thanks for listening!


May 11, 2015

Welcome to Trivial Warfare Episode 15! I have to be honest, trying to summarize this episode is like trying to sweep the beach, it's all over the place. Happily for us, I think you'll agree that this is a good thing. Let's start here - this is easily one of our funnier shows. There's a moment early in the game that almost made me choke when I was editing the show because I had forgotten about it.

The constant with our shows is high quality trivia. We hit up the normal categories like History and Movies but also take some detours into unique categories like N-Words. If you want to get the full show experience make sure to go to and sign up for the Trivial Warfare Army as well as checking out the show notes that are loaded with pics and clips from the topics that we explore.

Have a great week!


May 4, 2015

It’s the Episode 14 release party! You’re all invited. The party will be held in a 3x3 foot space that is centered on the point directly beneath you and extends roughly 7 feet upwards. The party starts as soon as you start the show and ends when it’s over. Don’t say we never gave you anything!

Thanks for sticking with us while we took a week to get our bandwidth issues straightened out. The increase in downloads convinced me to spend some extra money to upgrade our hosting service.

This week’s episode is chock full of awesome trivia and goofy shenanigans. We tackle questions about the OJ Simpson Trial, California and alcohol. Watch out for the trick question! Don’t forget our iTunes review policy. You drop a nice review on us and we’ll be happy to give you a shout out!

  Enjoy! – JO

Apr 28, 2015

Hey guys and girls,

If you haven't checked out our site over at you're missing out. Here's why:

Join the TWA: You can join the Trivial Warfare Army to get emails from us directly and also get a free car magnet with our logo!

Show Notes: We've made it a point to spice up the show notes to give you a behind the scenes look at what happened while we were recording the show. In addition the newer episodes have pictures and videos that expand upon the topics discussed during the show.

Articles: I've always been a writer at heart. Check out some of the non-show content linked below:

Trivial Warfare - The Beginning

Episode 6: The Lost Episode

NMX & Vegas Week - The most popular article on the site.

My Interview with the Podbrother

So head on over to our show page and get connected!



Apr 28, 2015

Hey guys, thanks for checking out Episode 13: Down the Crapper. Marc is back with us this week and Chris and I both start slow and then come back with a vengeance.

Today’s episode features questions about foreign leaders, 70’s Mascot Fashion and the Ballcock. The episode runs a little longer than usual because I felt like we had a good flow going and I didn’t want to cut out the conversations. Let me know what you think at

Also don’t forget, if you do a review for the show on iTunes we’ll give you a shout out on the air. Here’s the link - If you want to personalize your shout out just send me an email and we’ll say what you want (even about your product or service).

Enjoy the show!

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